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San Blas Histórico Alicante

Discovering the History of the Moors of San Blas de Alicante: The Photographic Supersearch Engine



In the heart of Alicante, the Moors of San Blas festival has been an event rooted in local tradition and culture for decades. Each year, thousands of people immerse themselves in this colorful and exciting event to celebrate the rich history and heritage of the community. But what about the memories captured over the years? How can we relive those unique and valuable moments that have shaped this beloved holiday? The answer is found in a powerful web project: The Photographic Supersearch Engine of the Moors of San Blas de Alicante.


Exploring the Past:

The Photographic Supersearch is an exceptional tool that immerses us in the history of the Moros de San Blas from 1941 to 2003. With an astonishing collection of more than 18,000 photographs, this project has become a window to the past, allowing us to travel through the years and learn about the evolution of this enriching festivity.

A Personalized Trip:

One of the most notable features of Supersearch is its ability to discriminate photographs according to different criteria. With just a few clicks, users can filter images according to the “row” or group of participants, allowing members of each group to relive their most memorable moments. In addition, the search engine allows specific searches based on descriptions of events, which facilitates access to snapshots of particular moments that have been immortalized over the years.


Reliving Memories Year After Year:

The Photo Super Search engine not only offers a selection of images, but is also capable of organizing them chronologically. Lovers of the festival can immerse themselves in the different stages of its evolution and observe how traditions, costumes and settings have changed over time. From the first celebrations to the most recent, each photograph tells a unique story.


Preserving Cultural Identity:

This project is not only a tool for nostalgia and entertainment, but also an invaluable effort to preserve the cultural identity of the Moors of San Blas de Alicante. Through the Photographic Supersearch, current and future generations can appreciate and understand the importance of this celebration in the history of the city and its people.



The Photographic Supersearch engine of the Moors of San Blas in Alicante is a true digital jewel that gives us the opportunity to travel in time and relive significant moments of a festival that has left an indelible mark on the lives of many people. With an astonishing collection of more than 18,000 photographs spanning from 1941 to 2003, this web project is a window into the past that encourages pride in cultural identity and local tradition. Discover the history behind the Moors of San Blas and let these images come to life in your most precious memories!