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The creative agency 2Brains has surprised everyone by announcing its participation in the development of the design and corporate identity of the long-awaited range of “Brabus” vapers, which will soon be available for marketing throughout the country.

2Brains, known for its skill in creating impactful brands and designs, has worked closely with the Brabus engineering team to bring to life a visual identity that perfectly reflects the essence of this innovative line of vapers.

2Brains’ creative process has been meticulous, focusing on understanding the essence of the Brabus brand and the aspirations of its target audience. The agency has developed a distinctive logo that captures the essence of the vape range and will be the recognizable emblem of Brabus in the market.

In addition to the logo, 2Brains has created a unique color palette that highlights the modernity and sophistication of the Brabus brand. The chosen colors are not only visually attractive, but also convey sensations and emotions that align with the vaping experience that Brabus seeks to provide its users.

The design of the containers and packaging has also been carefully designed by 2Brains. The agency has conceived a stylish and functional design that attracts attention on store shelves and conveys the premium quality of Brabus products.

Additionally, 2Brains has worked on creating marketing material, such as brochures and posters, which will be used to promote the Brabus range of vapers throughout Spain. These materials have been designed to highlight the unique aspects of the brand and its benefits for vapers.

With the design and corporate identity developed by 2Brains, the Brabus range of vapers is ready to impact the Spanish market. Consumers will be able to easily recognize Brabus products in stores and enjoy a vaping experience with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The collaboration between 2Brains and Brabus is a testament to the power of design in the commercial success of a brand. With its creative expertise and customer-centric approach, 2Brains has helped give Brabus a distinctive image that will stand out from the competition.

In conclusion, the participation of 2Brains in the development of the design and corporate identity of the Brabus range of vapers is exciting news for design and vaping lovers in Spain. This collaboration promises to result in a visually attractive and memorable experience for Brabus users as it makes its way into the domestic market. Get ready to experience a new dimension in the world of vaping with Brabus vapers and their outstanding visual identity created by 2Brains!

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