lozano PROJECTS - Portfolio / trabajos profesionales 2brains
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With the development of time, the recognition of Doctor Manuel Lozano has become stronger and he came to us seeking to promote his personal brand as a Doctor specialized in aesthetics, with his own clinic.


At 2Brains we wanted to reinforce your personal branding and give importance to your name as a Professional in Aesthetic Medicine. With this we designed a logo where the Doctor’s name was the main factor, as well as the frame that borders it formed by 4 “L”, which increases his name and his rise of exceptionality.
Furthermore, this frame is made in a way that reflects the neck of a healthcare personnel.


We structure your corporate identity through a simple and pure design, communicating the Doctor’s specialization in his field, as well as the union with the perfection of aesthetic results.

It was about communicating the professionalism of Manuel Lozano and we did not stop until we achieved it and positioned him as one of the most recognized aesthetic medical experts in Alicante and configured an entire brand environment that revolves around him.