Neurovist projects - Portfolio / trabajos profesionales 2brains
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Neurovist sought evolution and left behind a synoptic identity and achieved a much clearer image than the previous one.
To create a corporate identity appropriate to your functions and services, we base ourselves on the central part of your medical specialty, the spine. This comes in white with one of its pieces in blue.




It is connected with the text in blue so that we reinforce the concept of Neurovist as the best option for an expert doctor in advanced neurosurgery. The use of the color blue speaks about the security and trust that the brand offers its customers, combining it with the elegance and honesty of the color white. In addition, gray was used as a neutral color that allowed us to give more austerity to the previous two and highlight a simplified and minimalist design of the column.




Symmetry, simplicity and linearity together with a modern design that conveys a meticulous surgical service and the practice of the most advanced technology. Furthermore, the development of corporate elements converges in the transparency of the brand when addressing its clients. Cards, graphics, headers and a website in perfect harmony that capture the values ​​and total soul of the brand.