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Nat Hey

At 2Brains, we have had the privilege of developing the designs and corporate image of these delicious lines of snacks, which include kiwi, sweet potato, cucumber and lemon.


In every packet of Nat Hey, you’ll find an explosion of natural flavors and essential nutrients. Our design team has strived to capture the freshness and vibrant essence of each of these fruits, so you can enjoy a unique sensory experience.


Kiwi, with its sweet and refreshing flavor, will transport you to lush tropical gardens. Sweet potato, with its crunchy texture and slightly sweet flavor, will give you a burst of natural energy. Cucumber, with its revitalizing freshness, will make you feel hydrated and revitalized. And lemon, with its balanced acidity and citrus aroma, will add a touch of vitality to your moments of enjoyment.


At 2Brains, we are committed to creating designs that reflect the quality and authenticity of Nat Hey products. Each package is carefully made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, so you can enjoy your favorite snacks without neglecting the planet.

Whether as a quick snack during your outdoor adventures, as a healthy snacking option between meals, or as a delicious addition to your favorite recipes, Nat Hey is the perfect choice for those looking for a balanced and natural lifestyle.

Experience the unparalleled freshness, flavor and quality of Nat Hey, the choice of those who value authenticity. Discover our line of kiwi, sweet potato, cucumber and lemon snacks and let yourself be captivated by the magic of nature in every bite.

Nat Hey and 2Brains invite you to enjoy the freshness of nature at its best!