Club de Campo Alicante PROJECTS - Portfolio / trabajos profesionales 2brains
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Club de Campo alicante

At 2Brains we love challenges, and Club de Campo Alicante offered us one.
Generate from the essence of its brand a corporate identity that combines each and every one of its services, as well as differentiate it from other clubs and position it as one of those that presents the highest quality.


We got to work, and thought about the traits that made our client special. We were impressed with its large space and functions, resembling the great extension of American football fields, and its imposing characteristics.


This is how we designed a logo that woven the concept of said spaciousness and that looked like a large soccer stadium. Elegance, authority and selectivity is what we wanted to convey when designing the brand logo with the colors gold and white.


We communicate Club de Campo Alicante as a team that plays and fights to offer its clients a unique match and experience. A corporate environment that inspires quality and exceptional and exclusive service.